The Silverton Foundation: Healing Starts at Home

Imagine being a mother of three and one of your children is diagnosed with sickle cell disease. The demand of hospital visits due to having a sick child leads to losing your job and on top of that, you’re two months late on your rent payments. That’s where The Silverton Foundation steps in to help by contacting your landlord and sending them a check to catch you up on your rent payments. Now you can focus on what’s truly important: your family.  

The Silverton Foundation is the result of Josh Moffitt, President and Founder of Silverton Mortgage, and his desire to share the success of Silverton Mortgage with those in need. Since the company’s beginning in 1998, its mission has included a strong commitment to giving back. This began by hosting fundraisers, making donations to various charitable causes, and always looking for opportunities to give back to the community. In 2012, The Silverton Foundation, a non-profit backed by Silverton Mortgage, was formed. Since then, Silverton Mortgage has donated a portion of every loan closed to help families with sick children make their mortgage or rent payments. In this post, we’ll share all about The Silverton Foundation, including who they help and how to get involved. 

“Success without sharing is failure.” - Josh Moffitt 


The Silverton Foundation serves families with children who have been hospitalized or are receiving ongoing chronic or critical care treatments. The Silverton Foundation connects with these families through hospitals, nonprofits who focus on serving children, and individual referrals from those who may know someone in need of assistance. The goal of The Silverton Foundation is for these families to have a home to go back to once a health crisis has passed without the worry of how they’re going to make their rent or mortgage payments. 


The purpose of The Silverton Foundation is to give families with sick children one less thing to worry about during difficult times.  

The Silverton Foundations understands that when your child has a severe medical condition or illness, priorities shift to doing whatever it takes to care for them. The costs of routine hospital visits, long-term hospitalization, or ongoing life-saving medical treatments can add up quickly and stretch a family’s resources.  

Numerous charities are available to help when a child is illtransportation, lodging, and other needs are generously met for many during medical treatment and hospitalization. However, ensuring that the family can return home without mounting rent or mortgage payments is often overlooked. The Silverton Foundation helps bridge that gap by helping provide rent and mortgage payments when they’re needed most. 


The Silverton Foundation is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit. While sustainable funding comes from Silverton Mortgage, additional funds are provided through fundraising activities, Silverton Mortgage employee giving, personal donations, and our Partner Programs.  

Contributions to The Silverton Foundation have an immediate impact on families in need. There are several ways in which individuals can donate which are safe, quick, and easy. One is by making a one-time or recurring donation onlineIf you are a Kroger customer, you can also link your Kroger Plus Card to The Silverton Foundation where you’ll be giving back every time you use your card.  If you like to shop at Amazon.com, consider using AmazonSmile and a portion of each purchase will go to The Silverton Foundation. To learn more, visit www.thesilvertonfoundation.org 


The only requirement for those who may need assistance is that their financial hardship is caused by a child’s serious illness or hospitalization and that the child is under 18 years of age. To apply, simply contact The Silverton Foundation here and request an application form. Once your information is received, you’ll be directed to provide a lease or mortgage statement along with a copy of a utility bill. If you meet all criteria, a check is written directly to your landlord or mortgage company.  


At Silverton Mortgage, we understand how important home is especially during difficult times. When a child is sick, the last thing you need to worry about is how you’re going to make the next rent or mortgage payment. This is why The Silverton Foundation exists: to help ease that burden.  

Be true to the vision of what your company can be; profitability and compassion can go hand in hand. To be truly successful means sharing your success with family and community.” -Josh Moffitt