Jered Campa

Licensed Assistant


I’m new to the game, but I was born to play. My family has around 40+ combined years of experience in this industry, but I have only been in the real estate industry for two and a half years (with a little under a year of that being on the lender side). What I lack in experience though, I make up for in a genuine care for people. This motivates me to always be learning and always be relentless in doing the best job I can.

I carry this philosophy outside of work as well for instance with my hobbies which include reading, hiking, video games, and sports. Always learning and exploring and trying to find ways to bond with and care for people. As a kid, all I wanted to do as I grew up was help people and never stop learning. It took me a while to find a way to do that best, but as it happens the mortgage industry provides a great opportunity for me to do both.

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