MH Advantage®

Get the ADVANTAGE on Affordable Homeownership with Silverton Mortgage

Millions of people across America are in need of both affordable housing AND flexible financing. As a result, Silverton Mortgage offers a comprehensive loan option for CrossMod™ manufactured homes: MH Advantage®.

MH Advantage® Loans offer:

  • Low down payment options, meaning less money required up front and more money in your pocket.
  • Low monthly payments and reduced interest rates compared to most standard loans for manufactured homes.
  • The ability to combine HomeReady®, HFA Preferred™, and other mortgage programs without being tied to any one specific program.

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CrossMod™ Homes: The Future of Homeownership

In response to the growing gap in affordable homes, a new class of houses was created by the manufactured home industry. A hybrid between manufactured and site-built homes, the CrossMod™ is a smart alternative to traditional housing at an accessible price point. The homes can finance and appraise similarly to traditional site-built homes, providing the potential for increased equity and resale value in the long term.

CrossMod™ Features

  • Permanent foundation
  • Covered porch, garage or carport
  • An elevated roof pitch to improve curb appeal
  • Interiors that feature drywall
  • Kitchens and bathrooms with upgraded cabinets
  • Energy efficient standards and features

All loans subject to credit approval.

CrossMod™ is the trademark of the Manufactured Housing Institute

MH Advantage®, HomeReady®, and HFA Preferred™ are the trademarks of Federal National Mortgage Association