Silverton Secure+

Ready to eliminate the guesswork, worry and uncertainty that too often accompany buying a home?


At Silverton Mortgage, we have always been focused on providing an outstanding experience and achieving great customer satisfaction. Silverton Secure+ is a unique program that provides soon-to-be homeowners complete security around their purchase. Plus, we back it all up with an On Time Closing Guarantee totaling $2,000!*




Silverton Secure+

*Conditions On Time Closing Guarantee Conditions: Silverton Mortgage must receive an executed purchase contract at least 21 days in advance of the closing date along with an unexpired Silverton Secure+ Pre-Approval letter. Silverton Mortgage is not responsible for the performance of third parties, such as Appraisers, Attorneys, Title Companies, Governmental Agencies or anyone not under direct control of Silverton Mortgage, that may delay the closing beyond our control. On Time Closing Guarantee requires all borrowers to provide any requested information within 24 hours of receipt of that request. To qualify for the On Time Closing Guarantee, you must meet all eligibility requirements below: The information on your loan application must be accurate and must not contain fraudulent information or material misrepresentations. Borrowers must provide requested information within 24 hours of receipt of request. No contract changes or addendums allowed less than five (5) business days before the agreed upon closing date.

The actual appraised value must be equal to or greater than the purchase price listed on your purchase contract.

You must lock your loan rate and satisfy all loan requirements and conditions, including payment of all advance fee deposits, at least seven (7) business days prior to the On Time Closing Guarantee Certificate closing date. No loan or program changes can occur less than seven (7) business days prior to the closing date.  For FHA loans, your property must qualify for FHA financing.

The following loan programs are not eligible for the On Time Closing Guarantee:

Loans requiring a subordination of a prior loan
Loan applicants who have disputed credit accounts

Properties requiring repairs or re-inspection
Bank owned properties or homes purchased through a "short-sale"
USDA Loans
Mortgage Revenue Bond Programs
Construction or Renovation Loan Transactions
Jumbo Loans
Non-warrantable condominiums
Manufactured homes
Refinance Transactions


Your loan program may limit the total amount that we can credit you at closing. Because of these limits, your closing credit may be less than $1,000. Any lost earnest money deposit or other funds resulting from a missed closing date is not the responsibility of Silverton Mortgage.